The Dún Laghoire -Rathdown Integration Forum, established in 2010 is a non-profit association that strives towards the national integration of migrant communities in our county. Its members consist of people from across the globe, especially ethnic minority groups and the immigrant population.

Our work

The forum works in cooperation with the local authority, agencies and stakeholders to promote integration and hence attempts to give them a say in policy making decisions that have an impact on their lives. Thus a main aim of our forum is to acheive for our linguistically and culturally diverse people of Dán Laoghaire-Rathdown council area settlement,welfare,education ,legal aid and to alleviate poverty within migrant and refugee families.

Scopes and modes of functioning

The provision of emergency relief and support services along with engaging in activities to ensure anti-racism are also undertaken by the Forum. Another prominent field that the Forum focuses is the movements for social inclusion and equality. We envisage to form a network connecting people from different countries. The quest that we pursue is a society where equality and diversity are both cherished. On another perspective, we provide a sense of belonging for the minorities and help them integrate within the community. We also address the issues faced by our community at present and the potential problems of the future.

Our Vision

Thus DLRIF was created with the aim to assist the personal and professional integration of immigrants living in the Dun Laoghaire county area. Our vision is to provide a helping hand to the society in bringing about a positive change. We have also incorporated measures to uphold the opportunities for research and education activities in accordance with the necessities of our community. This is pursued by establishing foundations and trusts.

We lay special attention on the vision to provide appropriate cultural and linguistic services for our diverse populace including training and employment. We pertain to the mission of empowerment of women, youth and people with disabilities in health as well as legal remedies. We collaborate with ethnic groups with aims compatible with those of ours. We are dedicated to promoting greater awareness about needs and concerns of our community among the general public, government and non-government sectors.

Our Mission

DLRIF serves to bring a wide spectrum of communities together as a single voice that uplifts their representation. This is attempted through informing national, county level policy making and planning.Our aim is to function as a channel for communication and information for the ethnic minority groups by promoting active engagement of immigrants with the receiving community.


We advocate for a racism free society and provide support services for victims of racial discrimination. The Forum has also widened its mode of operation taking into consideration wider humanitarian principles. Members also undertake initiatives to respond to natural and other disasters. Houselessness is sought to be solved by making available affordable homes for overseas student communities. We also look forward to collaborating with other existing forums in and around Dublin.

The Forum thus plays a crucial role in ensuring the multifaceted development of the community’s social life and sustaining the process of national integration.